If you have a long haul fight coming up I’d save reading this post for that, yep it’s a long one but then, this bag a has a lot of great features, what are you going DO?

Writing this review for the VANQUEST TRIDENT 32 (Gen3) to give its full title, was actually daunting, I guess for me, if the gear in question has a clear and present purpose it makes it easier to write about. The TRIDENT 32 though… appears to be a multirole load carrier, with hooks, loops, straps and snaps that I haven’t got a clue what they’re designed for?

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So I’d take a knee and start playing. A snap here a strap there and ‘BINGO’! I’d discover what a feature was for but then there would be that next thing and the next and in the end I thought to myself, ‘This is never ending, write the bloody post already! you can always update when you discover more later’.


Ruck sacks come in all shapes and sizes don’t they? Short, tail, fat small, some are just like sacks and others boxes. Some open flat, others are top loaders and some like the TRIDENT 32 are a bit of both.

The Trident has a ‘Z’ zipper chicane. This is a new one for me and I wasn’t sure if I liked the concept but I had faith that it was a GREAT idea I didn’t fully understand yet. After all the designers at VANQUEST hadn’t let me down yet.

The ‘Z’ zipper is a 3/4 zip starting on the bottom left hand side of the pack moving up to the ‘Z’ chicane, before continuing up and over the top of the pack and part way down the right hand side. This gives us 3 types of access.

1 - Unzip completely, this gives you a great view and access for all your gear in the main compartment, so if you like using GREYMAN TACTICAL RMP this pack will work for you.

2 - Lay the TRIDENT 32 on its side and unzipping to just past the ‘Z’ chicane creates access like opening the lid of a pirates chest, this with the suppled dividers would be fantastic for photographers and their big lenses and those flat zipper pockets the lid will be great for memory sticks and SD cards.

3 - Standing the pack upright unzip the usual way for really good top loading access.

The zipper itself as with all the exterior zippers is a chunky, lockable, reversed YKK unit with VANQUEST SPARTAN zipper pulls. Above the ‘Z’ chicane is a Hyperlon snap strap that can be pulled through the zipper pulls keeping them locked and stashed away.


The main compartment is actually clean and simple, it’s plush and hook and loop lined to the front and back, the sides and base are hi-vis 210 D ripstop nylon.
To the front are 2 large slip pouches with hook and loop closure, good for books, mags, manuals you get it, flat stuff. To the back is a large slip pocket with a elasticated strap to secure its contents.
I liked using this for my 15.4 Mac Book Pro as I found zipper pocket outside of the pack too tight to easily get my laptop in and out but given that pocket has x2 drainage grommets, a port and suspension for a hydration system, that’s what I used it for!


I never I thought I’d have a sub title of plumbing in a review about a backpack but trust VANQUEST to make it necessary : )

As I said above I found it best to use the outside back zipper pocket for hydration.
It’s plenty big enough for. 3 litre CAMELBACK BLADDER and has plenty of options for plumbing (hose routing); left, right or centre.

You’ll have to thread your drinking hose through a port to the inside of the pack before you can access the left and right ports, this is a bit fiddly but I thought it was cool once done.



To the front of the pack there is a great, full width admin pocket including all the organisational goodies you’d expect from VANQUEST. The inside front zipper pocket has hook and loop so you can use a STICKY PANEL 2x7 in there for more detailed organisation I noticed the zipper for this pocket continues under the pocket slightly, making it a little bit easer to get to gear at an angle, if you’ve swung the pack around from the left for instance.

The exterior has a really useful, multirole MOLLE, hook and loop, shockcord facility, you can slip a standard issue, 32oz NALGENE BOTTLE behind all and cinch it down with the shockcord if you want!


There’s a second larger 2 tier pocket. The 1st tire is a really nice large slip pocket with a two-way zipper. As with the TRIDENTs main compartment there’s a Hyperlon snap strap that can be passed through the SPARTAN ZIPPER PULLS, keeping stuff neat and providing a little security.

The exterior has 3 columns x 3 rows of hybrid, hook and loop MOLLE. Above this is a reinforced 1” webbing strap that could be used a drag handle. With the VANQUEST TRIDENT 32 fully packed I would not use this as a carry handle.

The 2nd tier is a larger pocket with a nice 4/5th lockable zipper that can also use the snap-strap to secure. It has some excellent organisation. I found the configuration interesting. There’s a nice long key-keep that would allow you to tuck your keys into one of 4 mag sized pockets at the bottom. Above this is a double decker of elastic webbing. 3 columns of 2” w and 4 columns of 1” w? Behind all this is another slip pocket for your in flight reading.


Is another V.I.C.S. (Vanquest Integrated Carry System) It’s 3 rows x 2 columns of MOLLE to the outside of a really great bellowed pouch, that has an expandable capacity via a side zipper. I really like this pocket, big enough for a good sized water bottle or a tripod or walking poles and can be kept from falling out with 2 shockcord retainers. Under this is great a pocket with a double zipper ready all for your travel docs, theres even another key- keep because, why not.


The left of the TRIDENT is relatively simple in comparison to the right-hand-side given it has to accommodate the ‘Z’ chicane zipper etc, so here you’ll only find 3 rows x 3 columns of Hyperlon MOLLE field should you ever need it.


I really like the VANQUEST TRIDENT carry handle, it’s padded and comfortable to use and made from neoprene I think. This is anchored to the top of the backpack with 6 chunky bartacks ending in a useful webbing loop.

There’s a second carry handle to the left of the pack.

The TRIDENT base has 2 rows x 3 columns of none standard MOLLE that’s going to be great for strapping extra gear too.


The VANQUEST TRIDENT 32 is actually a beast of a backpack if needs be. You could really bulk it out with extra POUCHS and there’s so many attachment points it’s possible to carry a full camping load out and the carry system is up to the tasks.


The shoulder straps are wide and ergonomic and have a nice 1” wide utility strap for more gear and drinking tube attachment. Adjustment is via a ITW side release buckle. As I understand it, this is a feature brought across from military rucksacks, allowing for a quick ditch if you come under fire or like me, fall in a river and nearly drown : ) There’s a wide elastic retainer here that stops the buck from inadvertently re-adjusting its self. Wonderful attention to detail.

To the top are load shifter straps, a feature you find on larger, hike specific packs.


The sternum strap is a VANQUEST standard issue item including their iconic ITW side release buckle with whistle, love that!


Given the TRIDENT 32 has a huge load carrying potential it has a removable, padded hip belt! It’s adjustable and has a tough light weight side release buckle.

To the left and right there’s 2 rows x 2 columns of none standard but super useful MOLLE.

The entire suspension system has improved venting and moisture wicking capabilities making long, hot, heavy load shifting rucks as comfortable as they CAN be.


For the TRIDENT 32, VANQUEST have used a composite of fabrics, basically; thick on the bottom, light on the sides, even lighter inside. For those more interested that’s; 1000D and 500D CORDURA in genuine Crye Multicam black for the base and main body of the pack. Hi-viz 210D rip-stop for the interior.


The outcome is a backpack that’s light yet tough and pleasant to use and swing around. VANQUEST have not forgotten that in the end a backpack is not just about the backpack, it’s about what it carries and how comfortable that is of you to do, therefore how long you can do that for. It feels to me that as much attention has be applied to that ideology as to the design detail of this really quite awesome piece of gear; the TRIDENT 32 (GEN3) by VANQUEST.

In the end is it any clearer what the VANQUEST TRIDENT 32 is really for?
Is it an EDC, a BUGOUT, a HEAVY HIKER, a DAY PACK or a PHOTOGRAPHERS BEAST? The answer is YES, all the above and MORE : )


The TRIDENT has a very deliberate set of webbing loops that fallow around the the outside of the pack. 3 to the left, 3 right and 2 more on the base. To be honest, these seemed a-bit weird to me and what VANQUEST intend them for is shrouded in mystery. maybe there’re for addition accessories, to come on-line in the future, that’d be cool!

But for now I’ve come up with a really good use for them that will be the subjects of a TIP TAP post soon.

You can find out more about the VANQUEST TRIDENT-32 (Gen3) at: VANQUEST.COM

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