yomp - VANQUEST FTIM 6X9 (Gen-2) Fast Totally Integrated Maximiser (REVIEW)

I’ve been using a VANQUEST FTIM or Fast Totally Integrated Maximiser to give it, it’s full name, as an up-front admin, shocked to the face of my VANQUEST MARKHOR-45 rucksack for about 3yrs and I love the look of this pouch, it looks like part of the rucksack and has a lovely streamlined profile so it doesn’t get hung-up when throwing the ruck ABOUT.

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I think this pouch is intended to be a general purpose pouch / bag / organiser, having many of the features of FATPack First Aid Trauma Pack making it great for that job while still being entirely appropriate in design for EDC, Bugout, and Survival Kits. Your Tech Gear would not look out of place, there’s room for small tablets and your large smartphone is defiantly going to fit.

Given this pouch has a great all round, multirole design, I begin to imagine a entire integrated carry system where we would see banks of FTIM pouches stacked, organised and labels up for there particular jobs. There would be a FTIM for FIRE another for WATER, another for SHELTER, FIRST AID, TECH & CABLE, TOOLS! you get the picture, now that would be awesome thing to see : )

So let’s have a good look around this most excellent monster of an admin pouch, in detail.


The face of the FTIM is slick with just a 2"x4" hook and loop field and a really nice slip pocket with capacity below, so unlike other organisers the FTIM has a front pocket big enough for me to get my hand in even when the pouch is fully loaded, it’s actually a useful pocket which I liked a lot.

The VANQUEST FTIM is not the usual zip around, opens like a book kind of organiser, NO this is a double, chunky, lockable SPARTAN Zipper Pulls, clamshell kind of design more like a miniature rucksack.

I like this cos it means you can partly unzip from the top and access strategically placed items there or rip it wide open using the optional pull FAST tab to access every nook-and-cranny and all items stashed there.


The left hand side of the pouch, as with the right are 3 rows x 1 column of nonstandard but still very useful MOLLE, compatible with VANQUEST MOLLE STICKS. If you can I’d recommend using MOLLE STICKS, they make attaching and removing your MOLLE ready pouches, from your ruck very pleasurable.


The back has 3 rows x 2 columns of nonstandard MOLLE field. Above this are webbing loops being made from the carry handle anchor points. These can be use with a VANQUEST 1” UNIVERSAL SHOULDER STRAP so you could use the FTIM as sling as an option.

The carry handle itself is nice and robust but not what I’d call comfortable, more of a drag loop really but a paracord cobra weave around it would sort-that-right-out.


Ok let’s get into it.

VANQUEST FTIM has a signature 210D, subdued, Hi-Viz (Hi-visibility) ripstop interior fabric with contrasting grey binding and elastic retainers. The first is good for finding gear in low light but a bad target for a snipper, a nice consideration.

To the back are 2 surprisingly large bellows pockets that I really can get my hand in. If you’re going to use this pouch as IFAK these pockets are a good size for bulky medical items inc PPE.

Next up are the elastic retainers:

To the back there’s a row of 5, 2” w and 6, 1” w - total 11
Below this are 6, 1” w - total 6
To the inside front there are 5, 2” w and 5, 1” w - total 10
The base of the FTIM has not been forgotten and has 1, 2” w and 1, 1”w.

That ladies and gentlemen is a grand total of 29!! elastic retainers and because of the famous VANQUEST off set retainer config, you can use all of em at once, without inflicting the dreaded budge on your FTIM organiser. Let’s remind our selves that ‘F’ stands for Fast not FAT!

I’ve said this about VANQUEST organisers before but they seem to have a supernatural ability to swallow gear whole, I think, due to there being no frame or padding to rob us of interior space. Relying instead upon the 500D, military grade, Cordura (correctly) to give the pouch structure, also consideration given to how gear can be stowed using the retainers.

This provides a lot of options, almost bewildering in fact so the trick here, is to accept that just because there are pockets and a tone of retainers, doesn’t mean you have to use em all, although in these pics I think I have so don’t listen to me : )


Is the VANQUEST FTIM a small bag or a large pouch? Is it for First Aid, EDC and Tech Gear or is it a very well designed Admin Pouch ready when you are? Should it be MOLLED to your rucksack, carried in a pocket, swung from a belt or as sling pack? there’s no need to decide, the answer is YES and YES it is, a Jack of trades and master of ALL.

You can find out more about the VANQUEST FTIM 6X9 (Gen2) at: VANQUEST.COM

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