We all love our open flat single compartment rucksack don’t we? But unless properly organised, our gear is just going to end up as pack anarchy at the bottom of the bag. We need VANQUEST STICKY CUBES!

VANQUEST have long been innovators and creators excellent and well designed gear in my view and the introduction of the STICKY CUBES system to the gear and luggage organisation party was exciting to me, although like the last party I went too, I was late the lights were up and everybody was putting their coats on but better late than never right? So yes I’m not to the first to test and try the STICK CUBES but everyone has their take so here’s my 10c worth.

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Effectively packing cubes are oblong cube shaped packing bags that turn human shaped clothing into logical cubes that are easer to stack pack and organise. They’re usually constructed from a tough, stain, water resistant, lightweight material, with an open flat design and maybe a grab handle. Really good ones have a mesh window to allow your clothing to vent and so you can see what clothing is in the cube. Really really good brands have a hook and loop field for ID tags etc. When used properly and time is taken during packing they can keep your clothing from getting creased and will really increase the amount of clothing you can fit in your rucksack, super usfull for one bag and go travel.

A few months ago VANQUEST sent me a set of their STICKY CUBES for thought config and opinion. Most VANQUEST products look like they have been designed by someone who loves their job and was given time to indulge it, no exception here.

The STICKY CUBES come in three sizes;

Large 9.5 x 10.5 x 3.5

Medium 9.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 and

Small 9.5 x4.5 x3.5 All cubes are 1” when compressed.

All follow the same design template.

They’re a pictorial design, (Taller rather than wide) have a 2/3rd zip config, a grab handle, hook and loop, morale / ID patch field.

The sticky part of the name comes from hook and loop patches on the back of the CUBES. This is so they can be fixed to a corresponding hook and loop field inside your back and stay where you leave it.

But the best feature of these very feature packed STICKY CUBES, is their zoom capacity to expand and compress. Love this, i’ve seen this feature on rucksacks but never anything small but it dose mean that you that if you don’t quite have enough T-shirt’s to fit, you can zip-up the zoom for one or two shirts packing or for packing socks and underwear and other smaller items. Basically with this feature your getting 2 CUBES sizes for the price of one : )

Didn’t like this at first but do now. The STICKY CUBES do not open flat, they have 2/3 zip and so doesn’t open all the way but this does mean that they can be used as pouches and dump-alls with-in your rucksack.

I really like this as it means, that in between world travel and holiday duties I can use the STICKY CUBES to configure the interior of my IBEX26 for hiking etc, just how I want it. I found the hook and loop works fine for this but on first look, might not seem as tacky and sticky as other similar systems. Trust me it’s sticky enough.

My CUBES have never come dislodged, even during a run and not being super tacky makes them easy to retrieve when needs must and if you don’t want them anchored, that’s been considered and corresponding patches of hook and loop have been provided to neutralise it.

The designers at VANQUEST, have once agine sat down and thought to them selves, how should a packing cubes really be? then just made that real. Honestly there’s nothing I don’t like about the STICKY CUBES, I even like the raging, hi-vis orange! They’d look good in black too, or grey, olive green would be interesting to see as well, just saying : ) like the orange.



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