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I was told by an ex Marine that a Yomp is usually a long march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain. Some also say that it is an acronym for: Your Own Marching Pace but anyway it's a long Ruck, Walk, Hike, Trek, March, Tab, Plod etc. I was introduced to the term when I was about 15 doing exactly that across Bodmin Moor (England) back in the 70s. I have used it to describe my excursions ever since. I.e. "It's going to snow this weekend, I'm going for a Yomp".

WHO AM I [Who is Neil] ??

I am an ex Blacksmithing, BMXing, Snowboarding, Downhill-mountain-biking Clubber who owns and runs a Digital Design Agency [] and still enjoys the great outdoors a cigar and a whisky occasionally. But the truth is I never gave these things up, I still love them, I just haven't done them for a while. There are other jobs for which I am also an Ex but I choose not to mention those here, not today.

WHY YOMP NOTES? - [The Blacksmith and the Countryman]

One thing where I am definitely not an Ex is the-great-outdoors. Yomping, Rucking, Hiking, Trekking call it what you like, this I have enjoyed all of my life and still do to this day. I am the son of a Blacksmith who was also a Countryman. He taught me to shoot a gun, use a catapult [Slingshot] fish with a rod, a net and a jam jar. Catch rabbits using a snair, then how to skin, paunch [gut] cook and eat the animal. He taught me how to be a Blacksmith, [I was his apprentice for 7 years], how to sharpen a knife, light a fire, tie a knot even how to make wild birds tame. Indeed he taught me about all the animals and plants that lived in the countryside around our home where I was born and raised. It was a different world.


So my farther passed away some years ago now and there aren't many days when I don't think of him so this Blog, my YOMP NOTES are inspired by him and what he taught me and I continue to learn and experience today.


In short;
My hikes, where I go, what I see, the gear I use to get it done and then share here in my YOMP NOTES.


At least I hope you find my YOMP NOTES entertaining.
At most I hope you find them useful.

Why the dinosaur?
Well they're big, heavy, this one walks on two legs and, reminds me of me after a long hike with a heavy load... OR! I could say that like me this Dinosaur is old, mean and despite it's toothy smile, will bit your head off.
I also like dinosaurs, why not : )

Warmest regards
Neil T Stevens

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