R-PROJECTS - Wong variant - GORUCK EDC No3 50/50

From - @itskevinwong

Kevin sent me [YOMP NOTES] these pics via IG, of his GORUCK EDC 50/50 variant.
I was interested to see his config working just fine, using the larger GR2 Field Pocket.
Swinging the Greyman Tactical Rigid Molle Insert lower, means that Kevin can use this larger Field Pocket and still have 3 rolls MOLLE to utilise. Nice : )

"Needs a little adjusting but it's usable, Thanks for the tutorial."


GORUCK EDC No3 - 50/50 RIP-(M) config - How-To
GORUCK EDC No3 - Modularity Reboot - The X3 Carry Ideology

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