REARDER-PROJECTS - Capehart variant - GORUCK EDC No3 50/50

From - @clintcapehart

Clint Capehart sent to me [YOMP NOTES] these pics via IG, of his GORUCK EDC 50/50 variant.
There are some really cool solutions and ideas here so with Clint's permission, I've shared here.

I was especially interested to see the use of the slick-sticks and the PALS attached side release buckles, enabling the X2 top pouches to be quick release.

"Here are some pics, it works pretty well for me, but I'm still teasing out what I'm putting in each pouch."


GORUCK EDC No3 - 50/50 RIP-(M) config - How-To
GORUCK EDC No3 - Modularity Reboot - The X3 Carry Ideology

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