We love our GORUCK rucksacks don’t we and although I think the original designers showed a lot of discipline creating the GORUCK with only a 2x3 hook and loop field, if like me you have more to say than a solitary patch can provide you’re going to want more hook and loop real estate to really let rip!!!
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After market options are available from companies such as; 511 TACTICAL, VANQUEST, CONDOR, VIPER, MSM and more are available. I have to say that I didn’t think this list would be so long, things have improved a lot since I last Googled for such an item, which is why I came up with this solution using bits and pieces I had around.

I need to say that this isn’t meant to be a HOW-To post, more a case of what I did and hopefully as an example to solving problems you think you might have by looking around you.

Really that’s what YOMP NOTES is all about!

So in this case I wanted some more space for morale messages, at the time I couldn’t find anything online so I made something out of an old CONDOR Rip-Away EMT Pouch I was no longer using?


So if you want to do this and you have an old CONDOR Rip-Away EMT Pouch or similar you’re no longer using, firstly fish out that pouch and remove the hook and loop rip away panel.

This has a great loop panel on one side and 4 rows X 2 columns of MOLLE on the other, which you’ll use to secure to your rucksack.

Before you mutilate your old pouch it’s a good Ideas to try everything first, in this case you can try attaching the panel to you favourite ruck before doing anything else, if you’re still up for it, let’s do it.

  • Sharp knife
  • Lighter


1. Cut securing straps from the panel as closely as you can bring carful not cut anything you don’t want damaged.

2. Use the lighter to carefully heat seal the cut ends of the strap that are still sewn to the panel. Being carful not to melt anything you don’t want damaged.

3. Using he MOLLE straps that were included with the pouch or similar if you’ve lost them : ) attach the hook & loop panel to you favourite rucksack.

4. Finishing touches. Just add your favourite morale patches and get out there and RUCK!


In this day and age there’s a lot of companies marking after market panels like this that you can just buy and use but d’you know what? this panel is mil-spec so well made and has real MOLLE attachment so is going to stand up to what ever your RUCKING work outs can through at it and if like me you’re short of money occasionally and you do have an old piece of gear you can modify while still maintaining its original use, all-be-it, to a greater or lesser degree… then why not.

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