A Puma, a Wave & a Swiss Army Cadet. -
A wise man once said that the love of a good woman is much like the love of a good knife. They can both be sharp, to the point, very cutting and if not treated properly and with consideration do you a lot

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of harm. That being so, I treat my knives and my woman with the utmost respect [quite right].

As I have mentioned in past Notes a pocket knife has been a standard part of my EDC every since I was a child. Now I find that I need 3 knives to cover the eventualities I find myself in from time to time. Ranging from light duties utility to medium - heavy cutting.

X3 KNIFE CONFIG - My configuration looks like this:
  1. Cadet Swiss Army Knife
  2. Leatherman Wave multi tool
  3. Vintage Puma 230 270 Lock Back
There are many great posts online telling us of the importance of a good knife.
What is it that they say?...
"One knife is no knife,
Two knives are one knife" and so on...
Basically reinforcing the fact that a good knife is important, so much so that we should carry a back-up and even a back-up to the back-up, back-up? 3 knives is considers the minimum but I think to go further and consider them as 3 parts of a tool kit is an intelligent use of the theory so 3 knives yes. The back-up to the back-up fine but also different tools for different jobs and that's a bonus.

1. CADET [Swiss Army Knife]

As you can see these tools overlap in task. If a job is too big for the Cadet or I need a few more tools, especially the pliers or a larger lock blade then I move up to the Leatherman. When it comes to heavy cutting I turn to the Puma as it's more comfortable in the hand.

I am also more careful with how I use the Puma, having more respect for it's blade and edge than I do for the other knives, which do get used to cut, poke and gouge just about everything. I find that these days I use the Puma less and less in favour of the Leatherman that also has a good sized, locking blade! And despite how I use it sometimes, does keep a really good edge.

2. LEATHERMAN WAVE [multi tool]

When I'm on a yomp [Hike] I will take all three knives. I will carry the Cadet in my pocket, the Leatherman in a belt pouch and the Puma will be in my rucksack. I guess the idea is that in the unlikely event of being separated from my rucksack I always have a knife with me.

To be honest I hardly every use any them on a hike, after all we prepare everything before we leave don't we. But for me it would be absolutely inconceivable to go out in the wilds without a knife of some sort, even its just to stir the tea with : )

3. VINTAGE PUMA [230 270 Lock Back]


So this is my knife configuration at the moment. I am contemplating retiring my old Puma Lock back in favour of a modest fixed blade but for now that is on the back burner. Not time for the Puma to retire just yet.


Cadet Swiss Army Knife
Leather Wave multi tool
Puma 230 270 Lock Back
Maxpedition Single Sheath belt pouch
Puma belt pouch
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Thank you very much for taking the time. Leave a comment, tell me all about your Knives, what you carry and how you use. Enjoy the rest of the site.

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