Please find below a collection of rucks sacks I’ve featured on the YOMP NOTES blog and also a couple I have my eye to feature in the future, if I can convince the brand to give me one or I save up the cash to buy my own, which ever comes first.
So if you’ve seen a ruck sack that you like and can’t find on the blog you’ll find it here.
Just saying, If you buy vie an affiliate link YOMP NOTES may make a few dollars from that click but at NO cost to you and those few dollars add-up and help to support the blog and keep the lights on.
Thank you for your support it means a lot, I hope you find what you’re looking for.


VANQUEST - Addax-25 Backpack

VANQUEST - Carbide-12 Slingpack

VANQUEST - Fatpack-Pro Large

VANQUEST - Ibex-26 Rucksack

VANQUEST - Markor-45 Rucksack

VANQUEST - Trident-32 (Gen3) Backpack


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