As I write this I have to admit that using a sling bag or messenger bag is quite new to me, basically I started using a waist pack as a sling pack for the first time this summer (2023) so this collection is mostly aspire to gear I’d like to try at some point in the future but if anything here inspires you to pull the trigger well then pew, pew, pew away.
As with other section in the STORE, If you buy vie an affiliate link YOMP NOTES may make a few dollars from that click but at NO cost to you and those few dollars add-up and help to support the blog and keep the lights on.
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VANQUEST - Carbide-12 Slingpack

VANQUEST - Dendrite Sling Bag Large

VANQUEST - Envoy-17 (Gen4) Messenger Bag

VANQUEST - Gofer-12 Messenger Bag

VANQUEST - Gofer-15 Messenger Bag

VANQUEST - Katara-16 Slingpack


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