VANQUEST FATPack Pro / YOMP NOTES EDC (review / config).


When the VANQUEST FATPack Pro was first introduced I thought to myself, I like the look of that, I think it will make a fantastic EDC! They say that great minds think alike and during one of our correspondence VANQUEST offered to send me one, keeping my cool I accepted with a mind to the; VANQUEST FATPack Pro / YOMP NOTES EDC config. BAMM!

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But why do this at all?


One// of my ethos for YOMP NOTES is to get the most out of gear with an eye to saving money, simple put, if a bag can do a lot of stuff you only need one bag.

Two// I had an Idea and wanted to see it real : )

The VANQUEST FATPack Pro is designed by professionals (Urban Medical Gear LLC) for a very specific life saving purpose and it feels a little disrespectful to try and get it to do anything else but when I started to have a play the pack itself seemed eager to see what else it could do so I went for it.


Being able to swing a pack around front for access and just sitting on a train without having to take it off has become a real convenience, especially on a busy commute home and has some anti theft benefits.

The FATPack Pro has twin removable shoulder straps with chunky slick clip attachments so straps can be removed or re-organised as a sling.

The pack has a big beautiful field of 6 rows x 4 columns of MOLLE (of course really it’s PALS but everyone calls it MOLLE so I’m going with that) this aligns nicely so shoulder straps can be tucked away or used for attachments.

Also as I write this I’m thinking you could swap-out the standard shoulder straps for units with more padding and attach a waist belt if you think you need one

I do love how adaptable VANQUEST gear is.


To the front of the FATPack Pro, starting at the top is a nice hook and loop field for ID and patches behind this is a zipper pocket with a Spartan Zipper pull, big enough for wallets, phones, notebooks and other quick grabs.

Next are the twin medical shear pockets with shock cord, press stud pull tab, retainers. On closer inspection this is actually one pocket with a central bartack to separate the pockets.

They / it have a nice little over flap to help keep grit out of the pocket / pockets when not in use and all is tucked away.

To the left and right of the FATPack Pro are 5 rows x 1 column of hybrid MOLLE and elastic retainers for attaching a pouch or tourniquets.


Yep it’s a clamshell design with a chunky YKK zipper with Spartan zipper pulls for closure. This is also lockable, useful security for EDC environments and with twin carry handle it’s possible to gather up your gear and go using it like a tote.


The interior of the VANQUEST FATPack Pro is a thing of beauty although with very little first aid training I’m not qualified to comment, all I know is a really like what I see.

The inside back has a full hook and loop field in the, by now familiar VANQUEST HiViz orange. The standard config has a tear-away LB01 panel featuring x 3 capacity pockets made from a laminated vinyl mesh, each with a slots for ID tags and utilitarian carry handle. 

In an EDC environment this could be; Water Purification, Fire and Weather Protection, Hmm that’s a thought, this would make a great bug-out / survival kit pack too!!! : )

The panels; LA01 and LBO1 are available as a component from VANQUEST so you could have few of them to swap-out for different uses. I love stuff like that : )


On first sight the inside front of the pack has 1”x 5” hook and loop field followed by two rows of pretty useful looking elastic retainers.

But wait what’s this? A dual zipper with Spartan zipper pulls can tear open a reinforced vinyl mesh flap to reveal a second inside front section. As standard this has a second large capacity tear away panel, LA01 which has two very chunky rows of elastic retainers intended for larger bulkier first aid items I guess.

So that’s my review / intro for the standard issue; VANQUEST FATPack Pro.

For much more detail go to;


BUT the title for this post is - VANQUEST FATPack Pro / YOMP NOTES EDC config.
I’ve done the FATPack part of that title now let’s get into the EDC config.

What do I need an EDC configured Backpack to do and carry?


1. A laptop
2. An iPad (sometimes)
3. Water bottle and or coffee flask
4. Auxiliary power bank
5. Headphones and or ear puds
6. Cables and charging
7. Wallet, eye wear, phone
8. EDC tools
9. Get home gear
10. Some redundant capacity for shopping : )

First things first I set about de-first-aiding the pack to make it more urban EDC compliment.

I swapped out the red Spartan Zipper Pulls for black everywhere, inside and out. Then I tucked away the medical shear pulls tabs. These are easily removable but I wanted to keep em around, just in case.

Next I simple removed both the front and rear LB01 / LA01 panels leaving me with two massive hook and loop fields ready for reconfiguration : )

The inside back I decided to leave blank as this was were I wanted to carry my laptop but the inside front had my full attention.


This is what I used, THE PARTS LIST;

This allowed me to organise my EDC gear just how I wanted it but then stow it away behind the reinforced vinyl mesh flap, hiding gear away from prying eyes during office time and meets, I like this a lot.

There are those wonderful heavy duty, large capacity elastic retainers on the front of this flap which I’ve used to stow my RAVpower power pack etc. Above this I’ve used the 1.5x6 hook and loop ID panel to attach a MOHL-AIR: Featherweight MOLLE Onto Hook-&-Loop Adapter. At this point I haven’t used this but may have an idea for it in the future.


I do like and need to carry water or coffee with me so last-but-by-no-means-least I’ve added a VANQUEST Hydra Bottle Holder to the MOLLE on the outside of the pack and that’s me pretty much done. The VANQUEST FATPack Pro / YOMP NOTES EDC config finished.


In conclusion then, The VANQUEST FATPack Pro is a very professionally designed first responders pack, with all the features and attention to detail we’ve come to know and love from VANQUEST. I feel supremely unqualified to be reviewing this pack having very very little medical training and even that was a lifetime ago. It feels a bit sacrileges to reconfigure it for EDC but like said earlier, I just had an idea and wanted to see it real and the VANQUEST FATPack seemed to be up-for-that.

If you’ve found this post useful.
It will help to keep the lights on and the computer spinning.
Thank you for your support : )

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