The GORUCK GR2 34L is a fantastic travel bag but last summer, while traveling with my wife, I thought it would be bloody useful about now, if this GR2 had a trolley strap, so I could sit it on top of my wife’s bag, making all easier to handle!

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One thing leads to another and I completely forgot all about this idea.

About a week ago (as I write) I received a contact from "Shannon Campbell" a YOMP NOTES blog reader, asking if I had a cool solution for a luggage passthrough (trolley strap) mod - I replied “I’ll get straight on it” : )

This mod requires a few parts but no stitching or mods to your GORUCK. Just buy the parts, sling em together and enjoy your smooth, wistful, airport departure lounge experience : )


x2 Sleeping bag / luggage straps
x2 ITW Web dominators
x1 ITW Dual adjust side release buckle

This looks like a pretty good solution as it seems to work for its purpose perfectly and can be completely removed or swung around to the front of your GORUCK and used as a compression strap.

This mod is attached using ITW Grimlocs buckles, to the first row of PALS, on either side of the GORUCK. Can be quick released or adjusted via the: ITW Dual adjust side release buckle. Any extra strap length can be tidied up with the ITW Web dominators.


1. Fit the ITW GRIMLOCS to the last column , first row of the PALS on the side of your GORUCK

2. From the buckle end of your sleeping bag strap, feed the loop that attaches the buckle to the strap, over the GRIMLOC and click close. Repeat on the opposite side of your GORUCK

3. Feed the free end of the strap through the Dual adjust side release buckle, repeat on the over side of the buckle then adjust so it sits where you prefer. In this case, central

4. Feed the ITW Web dominators onto the remaining lose strap ends. Roll up and tidy those lose ends. You’re done and ready to go.


A. Loose ends and strap length. I have cut my straps down to 16ins long so I can use this mod to strap clothing etc to the front of my GORUCK as on option. But feel free to cut down to your preferred length.

B. I have left the buckle on the straps so I can still use the strap... as straps.

C. The quick release buckle isn’t too uncomfortable to leave in place and use the rucksack as a rucksack (for a short period) however the quick release buckle allows us to quickly separate the GORUCK from the trolley bag if need be and allowing the straps to swing, means we can be up and running as long distance hikers in comfort super quick.

D. I have clipped the trolley strap over the rucksack straps. I like this because it keeps the GORUCK nice and slick for enclosed spaces. Basically I find it annoying and potentially dangerous when lose straps get caught-up on arm rests or door handles or other passengers etc!

Inspired by YOMP NOTES reader "Shannon Campbell" this is one of my favourite modifications.
Cheep, easy to do and really is very helpful, especially if you’re all up for using your GORUCK for carry-on.

About a year ago I bought a GORUCK GR2 with the aim of it becoming the last ruck sack I would ever buy and the last ruck sack I would ever need. My YOMP-ENGINE! I have written other posts about mods made to the standard issue GR2, to make it better (In my mind) for hike duties. This simple mod has made this great bag ready for air travel too, where I might be in charge of 2 bags, and a trolley straps will make my luggage much easier to manage.


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