BELT ORDER [The house restoration tool belt]


In October 2016 we bought a 100 year old railway-workers cottage in need of restoration. While working on it and other similar projects in the past, I came to the conclusion that wearing my Leatherman Wave multi tool and my iPhone6 on my belt [Belt Order] was a very good idea, making

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these essential everyday items ultimately accessible, even when hanging from a ladder, up a chimney or scaffolding.


This was the original concept. This was a 3 pouch config: Pouch 1 being for a Mini Magnate AA Torch. Pouch 2. was intended for my iPhone, wallet and keys etc. Pouch 3 was for my multi tool. I tried this option for a couple of days and found it too bulky and difficult to use. In the end it turned out better to keep some of this kit in my bag and have a less bulky belt order.

Maxpedition 5" Flashlight Sheath - Torch
Maxpedtion TC-1 pouch - Admin & Phone
Maxpedition Single Sheath - Leatherman Wave

All in Forest green.

CONCEPT 2 [The one that stuck] -

Slimmed down essentials worked out to be much easier to use, wear and get in and out of the car with.

Generic iPhone6 pouch - iPhone6
Maxpedition 4" Flashlight Sheath  - Leatherman Wave

Both in Coyote.


I bought this a while ago from Amazone. It's a generic, no-name product and a very good pouch. It fits the iPhone6 fitted with an Apple leather case perfectly. I use it everyday.

I especially like the MOLLY/belt 1/2 loop configuration. The second half width of MOLLY allows for a better fit on a 2" wide belt which is well thought out. I have attached a small carabiner to the MOLLY for hanging gloves and goggles from.


This is a Maxpedition 4" Flashlight Sheath. This was actually my second choice. The first was Maxpedtion Single Sheath but on site I found it a little too bulky and finicky [difficult to use] this is because it can be adjusted for different sized items and has multiple options for mounting on a belt; vertically or horizontally, on PAL and MOLLY or shoulder straps. This is all great and well designed but preferring something more simple and stripped back, I opted for the 4" Flashlight Sheath in the end. Ever thinking of the detail, this pouch has an elastic strip that holds the Leatherman in place and makes it less likely to fall out when the pouch is left open. I found this to be a great place to stash easy to grab items like; Sharpies, pencils, zip-ties and screw drivers.


Leatherman Wave
Mini Magnate AA Torch
Maxpedition 5" Flashlight Sheath
Maxpedtion TC-1 pouch
Maxpedition Single Sheath
Generic iPhone6 pouch
Maxpedition 4" Flashlight Sheath

So there you have it, my two pouch tool belt. My house restoration belt order.
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